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meet our nutritionists

They gladly shared their valuable time and knowledge with us and helped develop nutritous and delicious Boom Box products.

Meet the nutritionists who have taken your eating habits to a whole new level.


100 questions

You probably thought about healthier options for your breakfast, but you were not sure how to make one. You want to be full, but on the other hand, you don’t want to overdo it with certain ingredients. How to balance proteins and carbohydrates? Let’s not forget that it should be nice and tasty!

one solution

We did not want to leave anything to chance, so we asked those who know the answers to the above-mentioned dilemmas to help – our nutritionists. We created the Boom Box products with the nutritionists to make sure we have a balanced and simple option, which only takes two minutes to prepare.

tasty and lively

The expertise of our nutritionists helped us make each Boom Box product nutritious and balanced, yet uncompromisingly delicious and vibrant.

meet nutritionists

Ph.D. Tena Niseteo
B.Sc. Eng. preh. tech.


She graduated and received her doctorate from the Faculty of Food and Biotechnology in Zagreb, and works at the Zagreb Pediatric Clinic.

He is a collaborator on several international researches and actively participates in numerous domestic and international scientific and professional gatherings with congressional poster announcements and oral presentations.

She is the author of many scientific papers and professional texts. She is a member of numerous foreign and domestic associations, and currently works as the president of the Croatian Association of Nutritionists (HSN).

What inspires and drives Tena?

The individuality of food and its strong influence on the individuality of people.

Carmen Matković Melki
B.Sc. Eng. preh. tech. and nutritionist


She graduated in nutrition at the Faculty of Food and Biotechnology, University of Zagreb. He works in the nutritional counseling center and bio-pharmacy “Bioleptir” at the Polyclinic “Leptir” in Zagreb. She is the co-owner of Definition of Food, an educational center for counseling in the field of nutrition.

He is a member of the Croatian Academic Center of Applied Nutrition (HACPN). He is a teacher of professional courses at Aspira College of Gastronomy studies.

She is the author of many scientific and popular nutritional articles and an active participant in expert meetings and congresses in the field of nutrition.

What inspires and drives Carmen?

The right food and music at the right time.


nutritionists & oats

Nutritionists have written about the health benefits of an oat-based diet and Boom Box products.
Read on to learn more about how oats can contribute to your wellbeing.




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