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Are all Boom Box products plant-based?

Yes, all Boom Box products are oat-based and oat is the main ingredient.

What does 100% plant-based mean?

A 100% plant-based product does not contain products or ingredients of animal origin.

Does ‘developed with nutritionists’ mean that nutritionists make them?

‘Developed with nutritionists’ means that qualified nutritionists helped us develop products that are a healthier option for you. With their help, we created healthy and delicious oat-based meals that have no added sugar, are 100% plant-based, have no artificial flavors, and are high in fiber.

Are Boom Box products sugar free?

Boom Box products contain the sugars naturally occurring in oats and fruit, polyols and prebiotics, but do not have any added sugar. This makes them a healthier choice.

Can I combine Boom Box products?

Yes! As recommended on the back of the package, all our oat products match perfectly with all the other Boom Box products, oatmeal, oat granolas, and even oat cookies.